How to Install Java on Ubuntu 2021

How to Install Java on Ubuntu 2021 Hello Readers, In this “How to Install Java on Ubuntu 2021” blog post, we will learn to install Java on Ubuntu or Linux flavors like Linux mint using update-alternatives. Table of Contents1 Introduction2 What is update-alternatives 3 Use of update-alternatives4 Steps for Install Java on Ubuntu4.1 1. Download the

java 16 features - Vinod Luhar

Top 16 new features in the Java 16

Hello Reader,  Welcome to In this article , we will go through top 16 new features in java 16. Java 16 is scheduled to be released on March 16. Here is a look at what changes you can expect in the release. Table of Contents1 JEP 338: Vector API (Incubator)2 JEP 347: Enable C++14